Current and Recent Teaching

In 2000-21 Roche will be offering a year-long course for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the Glynn Family Honors Program. The Fall course, The Cinematic World of Alfred Hitchcock, will satisfy the University Requirement in the Arts. The Spring course, Faith, Doubt, and Reason, will fulfill the University Requirements in either Second Philosophy or Catholicism and the Disciplines. In the Fall Roche had a one-course reduction for having undertaken an extensive project related to Catholic and mission hiring at Notre Dame. His second Spring course for 2021 will be German 20202.

In academic year 2019-20 Roche taught the year-long humanities seminar for first-year students in the Glynn Family Honors Program. In the fall students explored Great Works of Literature and Culture from Homer to Caravaggio, and in the spring the course is examining Great Works of Literature and Culture from Machiavelli to the Present.

In Fall 2019 Roche also offered an advanced seminar in German entitled Comedy, Satire, and Humor. In the Spring of 2020 he is teaching the required course in German, German Literary and Cultural Traditions.

Other courses in the past few years have included a seminar for advanced undergraduates entitled Challenges to God and the Social Order, which explored works by Heine, Büchner, Storm, and Fontane; Contemporary Germany, which involves various facets of Germany today, from history and politics to society and culture; and a German seminar on Tragedy, Comedy, Identity.

Undergraduate Courses

Roche has taught undergraduate courses in German language, literature, and culture, as well as broader courses. Sample courses:

  • Comedy, Jokes, and Satire in the German-Speaking World
  • Great Questions and the Liberal Arts
  • Faith, Doubt, and Reason
  • Religious Themes in Modern German Literature and Thought
  • Austrian Literature from Grillparzer to Handke
  • Weimar and the Third Reich in German Literature and Film
  • Modern German Literature in Cultural Context
  • Introduction to German Drama

Graduate Courses

Roche’s graduate courses have focused on German literature and intellectual history. Sample courses:

  • The Idea of God’s Dependence on Humanity in German Literature and Culture
  • Objective Idealism and the Study of Literature
  • German Intellectual History from Kant to the Present
  • Literature in the Age of Technology
  • Tragedy and the Philosophy of Tragedy from Lessing to Hochhuth
  • German Comedy from Lessing to Brecht
  • Narrative Theory and the Interpretation of Fictional Narratives
  • Aspects of Poetics, Rhetoric, and Stylistics: An Introduction to the Formal Study of Literature

Sample Syllabi

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